Alcohol to be allowed on Alamo grounds


SAN ANTONIO – At a meeting last month, the General Land Office, who assumed ownership of the Alamo last year, has now decided to do away with a no alcohol rule at the historic site, by permitting alcohol at private events after hours at Alamo Hall.

President General of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Karen Thompson said on Thursday that even though the General Land Office is well within its right to allow alcohol on the grounds, it's still a bad idea.

"You have a site where a 189 people died, you need to respect that site," said Thompson. "It is not a Disneyland. It's not where someone comes to party, even after hours."

The Genera Land Office Alamo Director said they are still working on the specifics of the policy, but that right now, the alcohol would only be allowed at catered, private events at Alamo Hall and its patio, but people KSAT talked to on Thursday said they do not like the idea.

"I don't know about it being out there in the Alamo area," said Anita Contreras, a San Antonio resident. "We just have too many sight-seers, people from out of town, it wouldn't look good."

"It's a historical landmark," said Maggie Lakata, another resident. "And I don't' think they should allow drinking."

"Its not a good idea," said Rick Kuhn, a visitor. "It's sacred. Lets' leave it sacred and do the drinking down on the river."

Thompson said they are contacting the General Land Office, hoping they will delay the decision.

"You're not going to see people partying or drinking at Gettysburg," said Thompson.

Genera Land Office Alamo Director Stephen Oswald said Thursday that the policy has already been decided and that they are looking at the procedures.

Oswald said it could be implemented by the end of the month.


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