Have a professional wire hot tub

By Cris Carl, Networx

Safety must be the number one concern for DIYers as well as when to know it's appropriate to hire a professional.

One Austin based electrical contracting company reports that the increase of home improvement and reality shows has led to some disastrous results. Fox Service Company tells the story of a fatality that could have been avoided. The story is that a Cape Coral, Fla., couple was electrocuted in their hot tub as a result of improper installation and no noted electrical or plumbing permits.

"If a proper circuit protector had not been installed, the hot tub's light or heating system could have shorted and electrocuted the two," said Paul Pennington, founder and chairman of the Pool Safety council.

"The first thing would be to have a licensed electrician provide the power for the hot tub. Homeowners should ask for proof of licensure from contractors," said Margaret Bell, co-owner of a Florida pool and spa retail center.

Source: http://www.networx.com/blog/electrical-tip-dont-diy-the-hot-tub-wi