Lack of visible home addresses major issue in Kendall County

Emergency officials: Problem leads to increased response times


KENDALL COUNTY, Texas – Kendall County officials are urging residents to make sure their home numbers are visibly posted at the front of their property.

Emergency response officials told county commissioners Monday that first responders often times have trouble locating homes during emergency calls.

They said a lack of visible address numbers wastes crucial minutes.

"If somebody's house is burning or there's a burglar in the house or they're having a heart attack, those couple of minutes can be the difference between life or death," said Jeff Fincke, emergency management coordinator for Kendall County.

Fincke said the problem is far more prevalent on rural roads, where houses are often set far back from roadways.

The county will provide free home number plates to those who ask. 

For more information, call 830-249-9343.