SAPD: Driver hits woman, leaves her to die

Victim was homeless woman well-known in area

SAN ANTONIO – Police are still looking for the driver who hit and killed a woman near McCullough and Dewey last night.

The victim, police said, was Wendy Armstrong, a homeless woman who called the streets around that area home for years.

Everyone who knows of her says this shouldn't have been the last chapter.

"It is very sad, the way her life ended," said Juvenal Flores, who owns a tire shop in the area.

Police believe Armstrong was trying to cross the street around 10:30 p.m. when she was hit by a passing car, then left to die.

"I think it's very inhumane to do that -- to kill another human being and just run away," Flores said.

Traffic investigators talked to several people who heard the crash, but no one saw what happened.

They don't have a description of the car that hit her or the person behind the wheel.

Flores says it was obvious that Armstrong had her share of problems, but it was also clear that she had a soft spot in her heart.

"Whenever customers arrived and they had children, she was very sympathetic, very kind to children," he said.

Now he's remembering Armstrong's gentler moments, and trying to make sense of a life that ended with a senseless act.

"Maybe she was missing something in life. (Maybe it was ) that she didn't have a family. (Maybe it was) that she didn't have nobody and maybe she was looking for something," he said.