Special program provides happy homecomings for troops

Ambassadors at SA Int'l Airport aim to make every service member feel at home


SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio International Airport sees all types of people walk through their door, and among them, are some of our nations bravest.

Almost every day, a member of the military returns home to San Antonio, and when they do, there's a special group of people waiting for them. The Ambassadors of the San Antonio International Airport will not only help you get to and from your flight, but they also take pride in their Hero Program, which welcomes home our nation's military.

"It's just to let our troops know, how much we care, and how much they do for us," said one of the Ambassadors, Elanie Loehlein. "Even the Vietnam vets. When we see a hat in here, we say thank you for your service. We love them all. "

Wednesday, that special hero coming home was Master Sergeant Jackie Harris, who has served in the Air Force for almost 20 years.

His wife, his son, his friends and the Ambassadors were all on hand to welcome him back.

"In the military, we need that support," said Harris' wife, Senetra. "Sometimes we forget that there's a war going on, so to have these people volunteer their time to come out and show us they appreciate us, is an awesome thing."

With flags in hand and banners in support, and even a special saxophone serenade from his son, it was an extra happy homecoming for the man of the hour.

"I'm a little overwhelmed. But just very glad to be home," said Harris. "Very glad to be home."

The hero program is open to all branches of our nation's military, and there is no limit to how many troops can be welcomed.

The Ambassadors say they have welcomed anywhere from an entire plane full of troops to a single soldier traveling alone.

For more information on the program, call 210-207-3546.

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