SWAT raids Olmos Park home

Austin Young, 26, considered suspect in recent car, home burglaries

OLMOS PARK, Texas – Olmos Park Police and the Bexar County Sheriff's SWAT officers served an arrest and search warrant Wednesday afternoon on a home in the 400 block of Paseo Encinal Street.

The execution of the warrants was related to an investigation of a home burglary that occurred back in 2008.

Sgt. Will Huffmeyer said 26-year-old Austin Young was arrested for stealing two rifles from a neighbors home in 2008.

Investigators learned about the stolen guns as they were investigating a series of recent car break-ins in Olmos Park.

"The firearms were taken in a burglary in our city several years ago and the firearms turned up in some local pawn shops and we connected them back to the individual that way," Huffmeyer said.

In addition to the 2008 burglary, police are also eyeing Young as a possible suspect in another home burglary that happened in 2006. In that break-in jewelry and other items were taken.

While they have not been able to link Young to the car burglaries in the city, they are looking at the possibility he was involved in those crimes as well because they all occurred in the "immediate area" of Young's home.

"There's similar cases in the past that we are re-investigating and looking at the possibility that he may be involved in those as well," Huffmeyer said.

Young is charged with two counts of theft of firearms.

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