Made in Texas exhibit opens at Institute of Texan Cultures

Exhibit highlights unique items invented, produced in Lone Star State

This was the first personal computer - and it was made in Texas!
This was the first personal computer - and it was made in Texas!

SAN ANTONIO – A new exhibit has opened up at the Institute of Texan Cultures that shows some of the special items that are made in Texas.

Dr. Pepper, Pace Picante, and Lames Candies are just some of the more well-known items on display, but Dr. Sarah Gould with the Institute of Texan Cultures said lesser-known items are what truly make the display unique.

"It ranges from things you would associate with Texas like cowboy boot spurs and hand-tooled leather saddles," said Gould. "But it also includes things you might not associate with Texas. "

Like the first personal computer, the Datapoint 2200, a toilet used by NASA astronauts in space and the first role playing video game invented by an Austin man decades ago.

Alvin Marx invented the ace elbow bandage back in 1976 and proudly saw his product on display.

"We sold two million of them, the ace elbow brace," said Marx. "I did more medical good with that product than in my years of practicing medicine, because I cured two million people of tennis elbow."

And whether it's just checking out the interesting inventions or taking in a bit of Texas culture, the exhibit promises to show you some of the things you may not have known about the Lone Star State.

"Texas is a state that has had global impact in terms of the things we've developed here in the state of Texas," said Gould.

The exhibit opened on July 2, and will remain open until September of next year.

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