Canopy Challenge opens at Natural Bridge Caverns

Challenge offers ropes course, zip lines

COMAL COUNTY, Texas – Natural Bridge Caverns unveiled their newest addition to the park Thursday morning called the Canopy Challenge Adventure Course.

It is a 60-foot-tall ropes course that leads visitors through a series of 47 ropes passages and comes complete with 1,400 feet of zip lines.

"It was an adrenaline rush, it really was," said Margie Hastings, who was one of the first to take on the challenge.

Hastings was hoping to conquer her fear of heights.

"As I get higher, I notice my hearts racing a little bit," added Hastings.

Hastings' family joined her on the challenge and everyone was feeling a bit of trepidation.

"It's pretty nerve-racking," said Hastings son, Nathan.

Those nerves were tested by the different and increasingly difficult rope passages that require agility, balance, and strength. All the while, participants are suspended high above the Hill Country.

"Everybody's locked in and you won't come out until we take you out," said Natural Bridge Caverns Manager Joye Wuest, adding that safety was the first consideration when the Canopy Challenge was constructed.

The main attractions are the four zip lines, which take you across the Hill Country, allowing for panoramic views.

"You don't travel so fast that you can't enjoy the scenery and enjoy the ride, but it's fast enough to give you a thrill," said Wuest.

The course is a thrill for all ages, complete with a Canopy Kids Course that serves as a junior version of the challenge.

Children fewer than 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult to participate on the course. The cost is $14.98 per person for the Canopy Challenge and the cost for the Zip Line is $19.98 per person.

Special combo package pricing is available.


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