Midwest drought could squeeze SA Food Bank

Rising prices, weak economy already have food bank tightening its margins


SAN ANTONIO – The recent drought in the Corn Belt is devastating the corn crop, and that could really strain supplies at the San Antonio Food Bank.

It's not just the lack of corn, but all of the products that corn uses -- including the fuel used to get the food to the warehouse.

"Corn is used in so many things. Its not just fresh corn on the cob here in San Antonio," said Eric Cooper, president & CEO of the San Antonio Food Bank. "It's also driving up the cost of fuel and transportation and everything that's affected by from what comes from the Earth."

By some predictions, the inflation rate on some groceries could double during 2013.

What is the food bank doing to offset this?

"There's not a whole lot we can do," said Cooper. "We just have to keep the faith that our community will continue to support us and understand that its crises like this that means they need to give a little more."

Cooper says they'll always accept donations of food from individuals, but what they need most are volunteers, and monetary donations.

The food bank can turn every dollar they receive into $13 of food.

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