SAPD offers free burglar-proof home survey

Basic Home Security Survey available for free from SA police


SAN ANTONIO – Mike Samuel and his wife have lived in their home for nine years and while they have never been the victim of burglars, they're taking steps to make sure they never are.

"It was an opportunity to have someone look at the house and give us recommendations that might be helpful," Samuel said.

Called a Basic Home Security Survey, it's a free service offered by the San Antonio Police Department that a lot of homeowners don't even know exists.

KSAT followed Officer Dave McDonald as he surveyed the Samuel's home, starting with the front door.

"We look at ... the front door (and make sure) the dead bolt that is at least an inch long. The bolt cannot be pushed back in," McDonald said.

After a quick look at the windows, McDonald recommended buying a small clip from any hardware store to secure them.

The Samuels' home wasn't quite burglar-proof.

McDonald recommended a few changes that Samuel said he'll happily make if it'll save him the headache of a break-in.

If you'd like a Basic Home Security Survey or a Basic Business Security Survey, you can contact the San Antonio Police Department at 210-207-7413 for more information.

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