Bags protect tech toys from water, sand

Consumer Reports tests bags designed to protect cell phones, e-readers


Your favorite electronic devices are at risk to the elements this time of year, especially during trips to the beach, an water park or even the backyard pool.

There are specially designed bags can offer some protection. Consumer Reports tested four against common  sealable kitchen bags.

Summer means spending time at the beach or at the pool. If you want to take your tech gear with you, what happens when your pricey piece ends up in the drink?

You can buy bags to protect your stuff from the elements. Consumer Reports tested several, ranging in price from $15 to almost $40.

The first challenge: dropping each one into water.

"We really didn't want to risk real electronics devices, so we used objects that were similar in size and weight, like paperback books and Post-It notes," said Consumer Reports' Carol Mangis.

All the bags kept the contents dry.

Next challenge: sand.

This time the cases were dropped in sand and partially covered. The bags got the job done here, too. The best of the bunch? The DryCASE bags. They also provided the most secure fit.

You'll pay $38 for the large one and $29 for the small.

"We decided we'd also try out a regular grocery-style plastic bag with a sealable top to see if that protected devices just as well," said Mangis.

It turns out the Hefty OneZip gallon-sized bag protected against water and did a fine job with the sand. And at just 10 cents a bag, you'll have more money to spend on sunscreen.

Consumer Reports says the Hefty bag should work well for trips to the beach or afternoons by the pool. For more extreme outdoor situations like kayaking or mountain-climbing, it's probably worth getting one of the bags specifically designed to protect your electronic gear.

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