Early voting numbers higher than anticipated


SAN ANTONIOEarly voters have turned out in huge numbers to let their voices be heard in the primary runoff.

"We were telling our election officials, 'Pace yourself, it's going to be slow. (And then on the) first morning, there were lines," said Bexar County Elections Administrator Jacquelyn Callanen.

"I was driving by and thought, 'I need to vote now,'" said Terry Ross, who pulled in to an early voting place to cast her ballot.

"It's more convenient for me to come out here on my day off," said Steve Thomas, an early voter. "I'm actually surprised because it's a runoff for the primary and usually (it's) the least popular election."

This time around, there are some popular races that have been saturating the airwaves with ads and have gotten people to the polls.

"When is the last time we had an open U.S. Senate seat and this runoff has an open U.S. Senate seat on both sides?" Callanen said.

"I think the way things are nationally, people are more interested in their neighborhoods, their communities, their city, their state, and so they are coming out because of that," Ross said.

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