Eastside church hosts 'Praise in the Hood'

Church invites entire community to promote peace


SAN ANTONIO – Some East Side residents are working to change the perception of their community by opening up their church to everyone.

The Trinity Missionary Baptist Church is hosting "Praise in the Hood," an event at the church located in the 3000 block of Martin Luther King Blvd.

"We trying to do something for the community," said Taska Moore, a Trinity Baptist church member. "To welcome everybody in and to give back really and this is for the kids to show how we do our outreach at Trinity."

"Praise in the Hood" will feature several choirs, praise dancers and activities for the kids.

However, Moore said it's also about opening their doors to everyone, even those who have been involved with crime and violence.

"When we show our activities and our music and through our ministry, they're going to see, 'Well, hey, there's another side of life other than crime,'" said Larry Moore, a Trinity Baptist church member.

Moore said "Praise in the Hood" started as something they wanted to do for the children of the church, but in an effort to combat crime on the East Side, they're hoping the event will reach out to those lost in violence and crime and lead them back to the church.

"(The violence)It's been giving us a bad look in the public's eye," said Madison Proctor, another church member. "We're doing what we've always done, that is to praise the Lord."

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