Perry goes on campaign trip with Dewhurst

Governor, senate candidate crisscrossing the state


SAN ANTONIO – It is less than a week until run-off election day, and one of the state's most influential Republicans is trying to help an old friend.

"We're really proud of what we've done here together, and the Texas, some people call it the Texas miracle, I just say Texas works," Governor Rick Perry said.

David Dewhurst and Rick Perry have worked together for more than 10 years in Austin, and now they are taking their show on the road. The Republican duo is crisscrossing the state, voting early together on Monday, and talking to KSAT via satellite during a campaign appearance in Houston.

"This is an election about what's best for Texas. David Dewhurst has a 10 plus year record of making decisions, fiscal conservative, social conservative decisions that make Texas a stronger place to live and raise a family," Perry said.

"I've had a great partner in this, Rick Perry has stolen more companies out of California than anyone else I know," Dewhurst said.

Dewhurst, who helped usher some of the governor's priorities in the legislature, is clearly hoping Perry's presence will help him get to Washington.

"While my opponent has no record, so he's running, he's misrepresenting my record. I have a long record, and it's a record I'm proud of, and it's a record that's shared by Governor Perry," Dewhurst said.

His business and legislative experience is what Dewhurst is hitting hard in these final days, wrapping up a primary battle where millions were spent on both sides, including prominent members of the Tea Party endorsing Ted Cruz. Dewhurst doesn't believe all the money coming in to the Cruz Campaign is necessarily Tea Party money.

"That's simply what my opponent is trying to spin it as. I don't see tea party money coming in to Texas. What I see is some very special interests in Washington who want to have their own hand-picked United States Senator," Dewhurst said.

The runoff election is Tuesday, July 31.

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