West Side business racks up 61 health violations

Aztec Indoor Soccer fails health inspection


SAN ANTONIO – Metro Health in San Antonio says a restaurant has failed inspection when they hand out 31 demerits or more. A West Side business just doubled that.

Aztec Indoor Soccer is located just inside Loop 1604 on Marbach. The family-run business has a bar which serves food. It failed a recent health inspection with 61 demerits. The list of violations included:

  • A residential-style refrigerator was keeping food between 54-56 degrees. The rules say food must be 41 degrees or colder.
  • The inspector also found an extremely decomposed, unidentifiable food in a container.
  • The inspector interviewed an employee who knew nothing about proper food temperatures and dish washing procedures.
  • The inspector discovered a thick layer of mold on an ice machine lid.

The owner did not want to talk on camera and would not let a KSAT crew inside of the facility, but he convinced Metro Health to send an inspector back out Wednesday night. The owner stated in an email: 

"When we first built Aztec, some regulations and codes as far as equipment and drainage are concerned, were different. We have updated equipment and corrected the issues that we had with the health department and are requiring all of our employees to be food safe certified."

The following restaurants received no demerits on their latest inspection:

  • Bill Miller's BBQ on Northwest Loop 410 at Culebra.
  • McDonald's on Ingram at Callaghan.
  • Shipley Donuts on Lockhill-Selma.
  • Wendy's on San Pedro just outside Loop 410.

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