Wife of convicted Lackland instructor shares her story

Woman maintains husband's innocence

SAN ANTONIO – The wife of a Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland instructor sentenced to spend 20 years in prison says that her husband did not have sex with any of his former Air Force trainees.

"Do I think he ever raped anyone? No," said Yeimi Walker. "Do I think he ever slept with anyone else? No."

Not wanting to show her face on camera, Yeimi Walker maintains her husband's innocence claiming he did not rape, sexually assault, or have any kind of sexual contact with trainees.

"There's no camera evidence, no witnesses, no DNA, none of these victims ever came forward," says Walker.

Last week, 10 women who used to be trainees led by Walker testified during his court martial saying they did have sexual contact with Walker -- some of them by force.

When asked why these women- some who did not know each other- would have similar stories, Yeimi Walker said "I don't know. I cannot answer that question."

She believes the victims' testimonies don't add up, which is a point the defense brought up during the trial when one woman's testimony differed from a previous written statement she made.

"So if they lied on their first sworn statement," Walker asked, "what makes this one the truth?"

The number of Lackland instructors accused of having inappropriate relationships with trainees continues to grow, jumping this week from 12 to 15. There are now more than 38 alleged victims involved, as well.

"They wanted to set an example to show that this is unacceptable. And I agree its unacceptable," Walker said. "But they're setting an example with the wrong person."

In response to Mrs. Walker's allegations, Lackland officials released this statement: "As part of the post-trial process, he will have an opportunity to submit matters to the general court-martial convening authority, the 502 Air Base Wing commander, who will make the final decision regarding the findings and sentence in his case. Thereafter, he has the right to appeal any approved findings and sentence."

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