Waterline busts on NW side

Residents take advantage, water lawns


SAN ANTONIO – A major water main busted on the city's North West side, shooting water at least 25 feet in the air Saturday morning on Buckeye Avenue near Burwood Lane.

"I felt the ground shake," said David Chambers, a resident who lives on Burwood. "And then, it just blew up right in front of me. After that, we kind of ran for cover."

However, as Chambers and some of his other neighbors watched the water flow down several blocks, they decided to take advantage of all that water, by watering their lawns.

"I don't know how many gallons of water I've got," said Chambers. "I saw a lady with a bleach bottle. So, I got my pump out and fired it up."

SAWS officials said the valve to shut the water off was paved over by city subcontractors. So, crews had to break ground to find the valve to shut it off.

Still, the process took the entire day.

"I was a little upset when I found out it's taking them this long," said Chambers. "Because, they get on the citizens for wasting water and limiting our use."

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