Medical chopper hits tower

Helicopter makes emergency landing at San Antonio International Airport


SAN ANTONIO – A medical helicopter hit a tower, and then made an emergency landing at San Antonio International early Sunday.

The helicopter was en route to SAMCC from College Station when it hit the tower and declared an emergency about 3:30 a.m.

An FAA investigator said the tower impact tore off the chopper's left landing skid.

He said the Air Med helicopter then flew to the airport.

The skid-less craft could have had a difficult time landing, but the FAA representative said someone laid out a mattress for the crippled chopper to land on.

An airport spokesperson said the crew transferred their patient to an AirLife helicopter for transport to SAMCC.

The FAA investigator said it is not yet clear what kind of tower the chopper hit.

He said it's possible it was a cell phone tower.

The FAA expects more info about the chopper and the tower on Monday.