Report: Gas prices rose 7 cents last week

Average price in SA now $3.38


SAN ANTONIO – Just like your first car, it's hard to forget what you first paid for gas.

"I remember I paid 29 cents a gallon back then," said one motorist who was filling up on San Pedro near downtown on Monday. "It's a long time ago, and it's just been going up."

He was talking about the early 1960s, when he was a teenager, and a $5 bill could fill up the tank.

Prices are much higher today.

According to sanantoniogasprice.com, the average retail price of a gallon of gas climbed nearly seven cents in the last week to $3.38.

Vince Patel has certainly noticed the upward swing of the price pendulum.

"I have to fuel every Monday, Wednesday and Friday," he said.

He drives his dad downtown from Highway 281 and Loop 1604 three days a week for dialysis.

"Everything is going up. Only one thing is not going up. It's your salary," Patel said.

But today's gas is still much lower than it was this time last year, when gas in San Antonio was about 17 cents more per gallon.

Patel expects those prices will be back sooner or later, but he also says he'll keep buying the gas. Like lots of commuters, staying put isn't an option.

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