Woman finds 3 starving dogs near Bexar County home

Dogs found in poor shape


VON ORMY, Texas – A woman living in south Bexar County found three dogs who appear to be starving near her home.

The dogs were found about noon in Von Ormy, said Bexar County Sheriff's deputies.

The woman who reported the dogs to deputies said one had gotten away from the neighboring property and crawled under her trailer. She then saw the other two and called police.

"Poor shape. You can see the ribs. They are not moving. The other one behind the trailer behind, you guys, looks like he's got some trauma to his head," said Raul Garza with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. "Very malnourished. Aalso hasn't gotten up.I haven't seen any of the dogs get up and trying to get up since we've been here."

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