Boil notice continues in Somerset

SAWS expects to lift order Wednesday


SOMERSET, Texas – People who live in Somerset are boiling water and relying on bottled water while SAWS waits to hear whether water is safe.

A water main break Monday night left the small city without fresh water.

Ruthie De La Rosa started Tuesday morning like she would any other: brewing a pot of coffee.

But Tuesday's cup of joe required a little extra effort Monday night.

"(I) boiled (the water) late last night, and that was it," she said.

That's what she'll be doing until the boil notice is lifted. SAWS said that should happen Wednesday morning, about 36 hours after a gas contractor hit a water line.

For now, residents are just dealing with the notice.

"The best we can really. The only thing that bothered me was that they didn't let us know until it actually was an emergency, and then, well, what do you do?" De La Rosa said.

What she did is turn on the tap and fill up a pot with what was slowly flowing from the faucet.

But not everyone is willing to do that. Lots of people are going to City Hall to quench their thirst with bottled water.

"I've got young children in the house, and so I was concerned. I didn't want them to get some kind of organism or bacteria that they didn't need to have," Janet Lipska said.

SAWS believes the water is safe, but they won't know for sure until a sample they sent in for testing comes back clear.

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