Congressional incumbent Francisco 'Quico' Canseco's mail-out mixes religion, politics

Democratic opponent Pete Gallego launches on-line petition


SAN ANTONIO – Now vying in a hotly-contested race for the 23rd Congressional District, Democrat Pete Gallego has launched an on-line petition asking incumbent Francisco "Quico" Canseco to apologize for using an image of Jesus Christ in a mail-out to Republican supporters (see below).

"I don't think God is a Republican or a Democrat," Gallego said. "I'm frankly outraged."

Gallego, a Roman Catholic who has served in the State Legislature, said the image of Christ was used to highlight how the Democratic National Convention refused three times to use "God" in its platform, a decision that was later reversed.

"The fact for me remains the image of Christ, which is held sacred by so many of us, should not be demeaned in the manner it's been demeaned," Gallego said.

However, Canseco said he stands by the bilingual mail-out.

"People need to know who their candidates are, what their fiber is and what they're made of," Canseco said. "Pete Gallego needs to be very, very honest with the people he seeks to represent."

However, Gallego called Canseco's claims "factually challenged and untrue."

The mailer also said Gallego supports abortions for young girls and gay marriage.

"We are talking about issues that are important to the people of the 23rd Congressional District," Canseco said.

But Gallego said his voting record in Austin shows he supports parental consent for minors needing abortions, as well as civil unions for gay couples instead that are legal contracts.

Voters will decide between the incumbent and his challenger in three weeks.