Consumer Reports fact-checks Febreze ad

Febreze Air Effects put to sniff test


When it comes to commercials that  grab your attention, one of most memorable ad campaigns is for  Febreze Air Effects air freshener.

Consumer Reports wanted to see whether that product really lives up to its claims.

The Febreze ad shows an experiment using an old goat, a sweaty bodybuilder and day-old fish.

A group of people confirms that the room stinks. Then the room is treated with Febreze Air Effects and blindfolded people are brought in.

They are asked to  take a deep breath and tell what it smells like, giving pleasant descriptions. 

Consumer Reports did its own sniff test, calling on some brave volunteers.

They were taken to a room where a cat litter box and sardines had been sitting for four hours.

While blindfolded, the volunteers confirmed that the room smelled bad.

Then the room was sprayed with Febreze Air Effects and more blindfolded staffers were brought in. Most thought it smelled bad.  

Although the spray concealed some of the odors, it didn't work as well as it did in the ad, and any effect was temporary.