Halloween comes early to San Antonio children's hospital

Patients treated to costumes, games


SAN ANTONIO – Halloween is just over two weeks away, but for kids at the Children's Hospital of San Antonio, Halloween was celebrated on Tuesday. 

As part of their annual carnival, patients picked out costumes, played games and enjoyed some holiday fun, courtesy of Spirit Halloween stores.

"Some of the kids won't make it down out from their rooms," said Joshua Elder, with Spirit Halloween stores. "But we have about 100 different costumes, and we will let the kids have their pick."

Parents of patients said the event allowed their children to forget about their treatments, at least for a short time.

"It's just a blessing for all the kids for this to be happening. That's real good," said Stan Jimenez, whose daughter is being treated at the hospital.

The carnival began in 2006, when Spirit Halloween began donating items. 

Vickie Squires, with the Children's Hospital of San Antonio, said children will also participate in a trick-or-treat event later in the month, since many are unable to leave the hospital.

"They're not just patients, they're not having a downer day," said Squires. "We want to make sure they are having some normal experiences like all the other kids in San Antonio."

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