UTSA student shot outside apartment near campus

UTSA student Charles Duoto shot at the Outpost apartments

SAN ANTONIO – University of Texas-San Antonio student Charles Duoto, 20, is in the hospital after being shot outside his home at the Outpost apartments, a troubled complex located not far from the main campus.

San Antonio police are still looking for the gunman.

Duoto's roommate said he had been visiting friends in another unit at the complex and came home to the frightening sight shortly before 2 a.m. Tuesday.

"I saw that my roommate was shot. He had a gun-wound," said Vits Vochyn. "Then I had him sit down and he called his friend."

Vochyn, also a UTSA student, said he then called 911. He said he still isn't sure how Duoto had been wounded.

A police report, however, stated that Duoto told officers he was standing outside his second-floor apartment when a man with a gun approached and ordered him to empty his pockets.

Duoto said he struggled with the gunman and was shot in the chest, the report stated. Police said he was in critical condition when he was taken by ambulance to University Hospital.

The Outpost has been the site of numerous incidents that required assistance of police. Figures from the San Antonio Police Department show officers have been called to the complex about 300 times since October 2011 for crimes that include assault, burglary, theft and rape.

"Before I moved up here, a lot of people were kind of sketchy about moving into the Outpost. A lot of my friends were asking me why I was moving up there," said Danny Bruder.

Like Bruder, other residents also expressed concern about what they believe is an ongoing problem with crime there.

Amy Lagow does not live at the complex but often visits friends who do. She said she often hears people on campus talking about problems there.

"I'm not surprised by anything," Lagow said, in reaction to the most recent shooting. "I wouldn't want to live here."

Bruder said although he was familiar with the complex's reputation, he doesn't live in fear.

Still, he said he would like to see more security present.

"We have two security guards who ride around in little carts," Bruder said. "We don't have any gates so, I mean, anybody can come in here and act like they live here."

A message was left Tuesday morning for the property's general manager, requesting information about any additional safety plans, but it has not drawn a response.

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