Local Dems, Republicans react to Obama, Romney Round 2

Second Presidential debate sparks heated conversation between Obama, Romney supporters in Bexar County

SAN ANTONIO – Bexar County Democrats and Republicans kept a close eye on Tuesday evening's showdown between President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

GOP supporters gathered at Pizzeria Venti on Bandera Road in Helotes to watch Romney take on Obama in their second Presidential debate.

WHo won the debate

Curt Nelson, Chair of the Bexar County Republicans, said he saw the base energized following Romney's performance two weeks ago. Those that were on the fence were ready to through their support behind Romney.

"Phones were lit up, people coming in looking for signs, T-shirts, bumper sticker. It's been that way last two weeks," Nelson said. "We've got major issues and I believe he has the ability to lead us during this time"

Romney's remarks on energy got a big cheer from the crowd. GOP supporter Gale Sayers has been on the Romney team from day one.

Sayers served as an alternate delegate at the Republican National Convention this summer.

She believes the debates have been a great chance for Romney to connect with voters.

"It made me more confident that people can actually see what I've always seen and what I already know," Sayers said.

Many Bexar GOP supporters believe Romney won the second debate as well and can not be stopped.

On the Northwest Side, supporters of President Obama were fired up before and during Tuesday night's debate watch party at the Bexar County Democratic Headquarters.

Once the town hall questioning began, the watch party said that they weren't hearing answers from the Obama's republican challenger.

"I see Romney going around in circles," said Grace Hernandez. "He is being asked a question and just procrastinates and doesn't answer the question."

"Romney, he's just sugarcoating everything," Chrystal Rodriguez said. "He's just putting the President down and he talks over him."

Other spectators at the Democratic watch party say they saw a renewed fire in the Commander in Chief.

"I think the President has got into attack mode and has the answers we've been looking for and waiting for," Bryant Livingston said.

Livingston also agreed with many others there watching the debate that Obama thrived off of the town hall-style format.

"I believe that that's his strong point," Livingston said. "So for him to get questions from different sectors, it plays into what won him the last election."

Many political analysts said Romney won the first debate, but Bexar Democrats believe the score is now tied at one after Tuesday night.

KSAT's Myra Arthur contributed to this report