Update: 2 men still hospitalized in fatal road rage incident

Suspected shooter's identity still not released


SAN ANTONIO – The oldest victim of a road rage incident Monday, 54-year-old Francisco de Luna, is suffering from a collapsed after his vehicle was shot at then crashed and rolled on westbound Highway 151 near Westover Hills.

De Luna's 29-year-old son, Pedro, still has the bullet lodged in his arm where he was shot.

De Luna's 3-year-old grandson was also in the SUV, but the family says he was set to be released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon.

According to a police report, a maroon pickup came speeding up behind the family's SUV Monday. Police say the truck drove around the SUV and then cut it front of it.

When the De Lunas tried to get the pickup's license plate number, police say the truck pulled up next to the SUV and the driver fired several shots hitting Pedro de Luna once, who was in the passenger seat.

The report states the family followed the truck until the driver slammed the brakes causing the vehicles to collide and roll.

The impact of the crash killed the driver of the truck, who police have not identified because they say they're having a hard time identifying the man's family.

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