Plane makes emergency landing at San Antonio International Airport after bird strikes engine

150 passengers on Interjet flight headed to Mexico City stranded at San Antonio International Airport


SAN ANTONIO – A plane headed from San Antonio International Airport to Mexico City had to return for an emergency landing minutes after take-off. Passengers were told a bird was sucked into one of the engines.

Interjet flight 2953 took off around 9:30 p.m. Sunday.

"About six to 10 miles out, the pilot noticed some vibration in the engine," Rich Johnson, public information officer for San Antonio International Airport, said.

Passengers also noticed the problem.

"There was a moment when it stopped (and) went level and we started wondering what was happening," Alex Mercer said.

"When we were flying, we heard some noises and there were some moves in the airplane," another passenger said.

Passengers said the pilot then announced the emergency landing through the plane's intercom system.

The plane landed safely back at San Antonio International Airport and passengers received a full explanation.

"When we came back, he told us that a bird caught in the engine, and the engine was having problems," said passenger Andrea DeValle.

Passengers had to wait until Monday for another flights. Interjet was expected to repair the plane by Tuesday.

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