Ex-Fort Sam Houston contractor pleads guilty to murder-for-hire plot

DOJ: Martha Evanoff, 53, hired hitman to kill her husband


SAN ANTONIO – According to the Department of Justice, former Fort Sam Houston military contractor, Martha Evanoff, 53, pleaded guilty to soliciting an undercover agent, posing as a hitman, to kill her husband.

In June, Evanoff, who at the time was in the middle of divorce proceedings, solicited three people on Fort Sam Houston to kill her husband, according to court documents.

Unknown to Evanoff, FBI agents arranged for her to meet with an individual acting undercover on July 21. During that meeting, Evanoff paid $2,000 to have her husband murdered and provided the undercover operative her husband's phone number, a vehicle description, his work address and location where he lived.

Evanoff also explained to the undercover agent she did not want her husband's body found, but that it should appear he was a missing person rather than a murder victim. That's when FBI agents, monitoring the meeting, arrested Evanoff.

Evanoff pleaded guilty to one count of criminal solicitation. She faces up to 20 years in prison and remains in custody until sentencing.