Former La Vernia principal Maria Wildenstein indicted

Wilson County indicts Maria Wildenstein on misapplication by a fiduciary


LA VERNIA, Texas – The former principal of La Vernia Junior High School has been indicted by a Wilson County grand jury.

The grand jury indicted Maria Wildenstein on misapplication by a fiduciary, a third degree felony.

In May, the KSAT Defenders investigated complaints by parents in La Vernia who said money was being misappropriated.

For example, a check written to a woman for $1,100 from a school activity account was actually cashed by Joe Felan, a friend of Wildenstein. Money for a school program was also cashed by Felan.

The district attorney's office says Wildenstein did not spend the money on herself, but used it to hire a friend to build shelving in the school.

Wildenstein resigned last year. The district says it's cooperated with the investigation and is anxious to hear a conclusion.