Taco Land to reopen, city approves river lease

Developers hope to preserve the bar's history


SAN ANTONIO – Once well-known for its live music, Taco Land was a storied venue -- that is until the brutal 2005 murders of owner Ramiro "Ram" Ayala and doorman Doug Morgan. 

The bar eventually closed its doors.

Today, Taco Land sits deserted, but with a bright future.

"It's probably going to be most enjoyed by people to sit out and have a beer on the patio," said developer David Adelman, who is working alongside Desperate Housewives star Ricardo Chavira to re-open the venue as a bar.

Adelman and Chavira have completed plans that would preserve much of what made Taco Land famous: its artwork and the large oak tree that shades the building. 

Added designs include an extension towards the San Antonio River; a move that was approved by City Council on Thursday. Parts of the site will also be updated to match the ever-growing neighborhood along the Museum Reach.

"There's a blend between what the history was and where the neighborhood is today," said Adelman.

That neighborhood is also thrilled to have a new neighbor to fill what is a crumbling building.

"They're going to do more things around here, so we're excited about everything that's going on around the area," said Franck Mannechez, general manager of La Gloria, which sits nearby.

According to Adelman, acoustic live music will return to the venue which he believes will draw in crowds of all kinds.

"Doctors, lawyers, auto mechanics, people who ride Harleys -- you name it," said Adelman. "All walks of life will feel comfortable coming here and to that place again."

No date has been set for completion.

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