KSAT Behind the Kitchen Door: Cancun Seafood restaurant, La Michoacana meat market fail inspection

Cancun Seafood forced to throw away food, La Michoacana busted for bad date labels


SAN ANTONIO – Cancun Seafood Restaurant and La Michoacana meat market both failed their recent inspections from Metro Health.

Cancun Seafood is located on Old Highway 90. The West Side business failed with 37demerits.    

  • The inspector threw out 50 lbs. of cod filets and 20 lbs. of beef because they weren't being kept cold enough.
  • The inspector also spotted signs of roaches and warned the restaurant to makes sure all their sinks had hot water.

The manager says pest control went by and any refrigeration issues have been corrected. He says he'll take care of the sinks too.

La Michoacana meat market on Nacogdoches on the Northeast Side failed with 33 demerits. Violations included:

  • Leftovers not re-heated to a safe temperature.
  • Some foods had no date labels, so it's unclear when it would expire.
  • They were skipping a step in their dish washing.
  • They used a bleach water solution.

Many of their problems were fixed right away. An employee tells us by phone that the inspector came back Tuesday and everything checked out.

In the last few weeks, the following businesses were inspected and received perfect scores from Metro Health.

  • Joe's Crab Shack on Interstate 10 near De Zavala.
  • Jerry's Chicago Style Hot Dogs downtown on East Commerce.
  • The Bean Sprout on Northeast Loop 410 across from North Star Mall. 
  • The Gourmet Cupcake Shop on Huebner Road.

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