Friends, family raise money for stabbing victim at BBQ fundraiser

Terry Barron was attacked by her husband in front of her daughter's elementary school


SAN ANTONIO – A woman who was attacked in front of her daughter's school is getting a little help.

On Saturday, friends and family held a barbecue plate fundraiser for Terry Barron after she was stabbed over 30 times.

"I never actually thought that anything like this was going to happen," said Barron. "It just started as something small which turned into a huge fundraiser."

Barron said she was just outside of her daughter's elementary school when her husband of 19 years showed up and attacked her, stabbing her over 30 times.

Her hands were practically severed off and her lungs and heart were barely functioning.

That happened in August and on Saturday, Barron said she has been doing much better, but all those surgeries and therapy sessions have left her with mounting medical bills.

Family and friends said that is why they decided to hold this fundraiser for her.

"She made it," said Irene Salazar. "And, we're happy and she's going to continue her therapy and counseling. She'll be back to the way she was before all this happened to her."

"It's a miracle that I'm here because I wasn't supposed to survive," said Barron. "But, God let me survive for a reason and I'm just praying that he shows me what he wants me to do."

If you would like to help, there is an account set up under Terry Barron's name at Wells Fargo Bank.

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