Veteran participants quick to react to parade crash


MIDLAND, Texas – Federal investigators looking into the train accident that killed four military veterans in Midland this week said the warning signals at that railroad crossing were activated before the parade float crossed the tracks.

A National Transportation Safety Board Member announced Saturday that the warning signals at the railroad crossing had been activated seven seconds before the parade float crossed the tracks.

Dr. Sudip Bose, who was the designated physician for the event and a war veteran himself, said the other veterans participating in the parade were quick to react and that before EMS crews arrived, they started applying their training to create a "field triage" to help the survivors.

"Unfortunately, this is a scene that several of these veterans have probably seen on the streets of Iraq or Afghanistan," said Bose. "It's amazing, the human spirit in moments of chaos. It's the same human spirit that we see in combat when situations get chaotic and people need help. These veterans, they really rise to the occasion and began helping each other."

The crash killed four army and marine veterans, all who had been wounded in action. Sixteen other veterans and civilians were injured.

"We bring the men from all around the country to Midland where the community comes together to celebrate the heroic actions these veterans have performed," said Bose. "They're all injured veterans from the war, and for it to end like this is just devastating."

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