Family loses home in early morning fire

Investigators say space heater sparked the blaze


SAN ANTONIO – Frightening moments for a family Sunday morning after a blaze tears through their home on the city's east side.

Letty Maciel received a frantic call from her son early Sunday. She arrived to find her son's home in the 800 block of Sewanee destroyed by fire.

Fire officials said it started around 7 a.m., and was sparked by a space heater. It was apparently sitting too close to flammables in a bedroom where three children were sleeping.

Everyone, including two newborn babies, made it out safely, but a litter of six puppies just born to the family dog, died in the fire.

The family lost everything; all of their baby clothes, a brand new crib, even recently purchased Christmas gifts.

But, even facing so much adversity, this grandmother said the most important things in that house, made it out safely, and for that she is grateful.

"We're so fortunate that during this time, we didn't lose any of the children. They lost their pets, that's a heartache. Anything can be replaced, but not your life," Maciel said.

Firefighters say the home was destroyed.