Cat stranded on roof now safe


SAN ANTONIO – A cat that was stuck on the roof of a vacant two-story building, located at 3303 Broadway, is now on the ground and safe.

Late Saturday night, crews with the San Antonio Fire Department got on the roof to get the cat down, but the cat got scared and made its own way down. The cat made it safely on the ground and ran to a nearby Half Price Books store.

"It came to our knowledge after watching the 10 p.m. news, there was a cat stranded for four days on the roof of this building," said San Antonio Fire Department Assistant Chief Oscar Gonzalez. "And, so, we want to stress to the public and the community that the San Antonio Fire Department is here protecting lives, property, the environment, but also, our four-legged friends as well."

On Sunday, Eric Marbach and Joshua Egan said they were glad fire crews responded and that the cat was safe after they spent most of their Saturday trying to save it.

"I feel good," said Marbach. "It's nice to do something like that and have it work out well."

On Saturday, Marbach had also climbed up a 20-foot tree to try and get the cat down.

"I'm also feeling torn up," said Marbach, pointing to the scrapes on his arms from climbing the tree. "I feel like the cat got a hold of me, rather than the tree, but that's acceptable."

Egan brought his children out to the location on Sunday so they would know the cat was safe and on the ground.

"While it was still stuck up there, they were pretty sad that it was still stuck," said Egan. "But, they were pretty happy when they saw it this morning (on the ground.)"

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