18-wheeler knocks out power to neighborhood

Power restored to South Brazos, Colima area by 10 p.m.


SAN ANTONIO – A power outage was sparked by an 18-wheeler accident Thursday night.  

CPS Energy crews say an 18-wheeler hit a power pole around 6 p.m. around the area of South Brazos and Colima and knocked out power to surrounding residents, businesses and schools.

Neighbors said the outage sounded similar to a loud explosion. "I heard the explosion, everything went off and I ran inside the house to make sure the kids were OK," said Marisol Lopez.

CPS Energy crews removed the exposed electrical wires before restoring power to the area.

By 10 p.m., the power pole was back up and power was restored for most of the customers.

Crews said they would work through the overnight hours to make sure any electrical hazards were removed.