Dual-language school teaches students in first language

Kipp Un Mundo school teaches kindergartners in English, Spanish


SAN ANTONIO – KIPP Public Charter Schools opened its first San Antonio elementary school, Un Mundo, this fall.

The dual-language program is based on the idea that kids are more successful in school when they learn in their first language.

That allows them to focus on content instead of translation.

On Friday, the school held an open house to show off its unique approach to teaching.

"When a student is learning a second language, they have two jobs in a school. Let's say the school was only English, an English-language learner would have to worry about learning English, and he would also have to worry about learning the content," said Luzdivina Lozana, founding school leader at Kipp Un Mundo. (Their primary language) is sort of like a suitcase that they leave behind, and they can't use to build on their learning experiences."

Just a few months into the program, Lozana said students are already comfortable in English and Spanish.

"We've seen kids go from being nervous about learning in their second language or saying, 'I don't know Spanish,' or 'I don't know what you're saying,' to now being comfortable and courageous, which is one of our values," she said.