Editorial: 281, 1604 interchange opens despite protests


It's a new day for transportation in San Antonio.

The connectors linking 281 North to 1604 have opened, freeing up some of the congested traffic that's plagued the area for years.

In spite of all the attempted hold-ups, lawsuits and delays, this interchange is finally moving full speed ahead.

We're pretty sure the people who drive 245,000 vehicles through that area every day couldn't be happier.

Now, they won't have to wait in long lines at stop lights just to get onto a different highway.

Plus, businesses that have lost traffic and commuters who've been stuck in it will all be rolling right along.

The next important milestone will come in February, when the connectors that link 281 South to 1604 should open.

We're glad to see this kind of progress despite some people's attempts to stop it.