Suspect in couple's shooting deaths is registered sex offender

Billy Tran, 50, officially charged with capital murder in deaths of Robert, Beatriz Snyder

SAN ANTONIO – Billy Tran, 50, the man accused of shooting and killing a Northeast side couple in their home on Spring Mist earlier this week, is also a registered sex offender.

The Texas Department of Public Safety's sex offender registry shows that Tran has been required to register annually as a sex offender since 1991. It stated that he was convicted of a sex-related crime involving a 32-year-old woman in Virginia.

Tran now is facing a charge a new charge — capital murder with multiple victims.

San Antonio police said Tran went to the home in the 15200 block of Spring Mist Wednesday and shot and killed Robert Snyder, 52, and his 50-year-old wife, Beatriz. Police believe the murders stemmed from a business relationship gone bad.

A third business associate who was in the home was able to disarm Tran, police said. The Snyders' daughter, also there at the time, escaped by jumping out of a window of the home, police said.

Officers arrested Tran later in a parking lot near Nacogdoches and O'Connor streets.

But Suzie Garcia said police mistakenly had come to her West side home at one point before then, looking for Tran.

"And I stuck out my head and went, 'Who is it?'" she said. "Those guys from over there, they were telling me, 'It's the cops.' And I looked out. They said, 'Where's Billy?' I said, 'I don't know."

Garcia said Tran actually lived in the apartment next door, moving in only about a month ago. She said although he introduced himself to her, she never really got to know him. Now she's glad she didn't.

Records show prior to moving into the Vermont Street apartment, Tran lived in a mobile home in the 700 block of Bynum Avenue.

Neighbor Aurelio Moreno said Tran was forced to move out last month after the city of San Antonio condemned the property.

Moreno ended up tearing down the mobile home and doing the cleanup work himself, a project which he said took about a week. He said Tran's former home was falling apart, and had weeds and trash crowding its lot.

The demolition came as a surprise to Tran, he said.

"There's no more house, and (Tran) said, 'What happened to my house? I said, 'I knocked it down. I told you the city's coming,'" Moreno said.

Moreno said he's surprised by the violence Tran's accused of committing.

Tran is being held in the Bexar County jail with bond set at $1million.