Border Patrol scores big pot busts

Large marijuana stashes found, suspects arrested in two different busts


Agents this week scored big pot busts along the Texas-Mexico border and arrested the drug smuggling suspects.

The biggest bust happened Wednesday.

Agents spotted a truck loaded with marijuana driving away from the border.

A Border Patrol helicopter pursued that truck to a house.

DEA and Border Patrol agents moved in and found more than 3,300 pounds of pot and the stolen truck.

Two suspects tried to run but were arrested.

A day later agents spotted suspects loading bales of marijuana into a truck near the Rio Grande.

Those suspects tried to run when the Border Patrol approached, but agents captured and arrested them.

Agents also found another 1,700 pounds of pot.

This month the Border Patrol says it has busted almost 26,000 pounds of marijuana along the Texas-Mexico border.