Maverick County official charged in bribery scheme

DoJ: Javier Gonzalez, 42, cashed checks improperly


EAGLE PASS, Texas – A Maverick County probation officer was arrested after a federal grand jury in Del Rio indicted him on Wednesday in connection with a bribery, kickback and bid-rigging scheme, according to United States Attorney Robert Pitman and FBI Special Agent Armando Fernandez.

According to the indictment, in May 2011, Javier Gonzalez, 42, who is also a general contractor, submitted a $35,100 bid to Maverick County to build a sidewalk on Lago Vista Street.

Maverick County officials then issued two separate checks to Gonzalez totaling $35,100, according to a Department of Justice statement.

The first check was written on May 24, 2011, to begin work on the project. The second was issued on May 26, 2011, for completion of the sidewalk.

The indictment alleges that each time Gonzalez received a check, he made a cash payment to a Maverick County Auditor's Office employee.

According to the statement, the indictment also alleges that both checks were issued to Gonzalez without undergoing the appropriate internal review process by Maverick County.

Gonzalez is also alleged to have never constructed the sidewalk he was paid to build on Lago Vista Street.

Gonzalez is expected to appear before U.S. Magistrate Judge Collis White Thursday morning in Del Rio.

If convicted, Gonzalez may serve up to 20 years for wire fraud and up to 10 years for bribery, both in federal prison.