Tamales: San Antonio's Christmas tradition

Facebook fans tell us who makes the best in town

SAN ANTONIO – It is one of the most sacred holiday traditions is San Antonio: tamales.

Nearly 400 of KSAT 12's Facebook fans gave their opinion on the best tamales in town.

Three recommended restaurants, however, stood out: Ruben's, Tellez and Del Rio.

All three were unique and very good.

Ruben's process is completely by hand, from start to finish.

"They are handmade. Not every tamale is the same. They are all different and they're all made with love," said Rosalinda Perez, daughter of the founder and restaurant's namesake.

Tellez uses big steamer machines to cook their handmade tamales. They are ready to fill the void for customers who do not want to make theirs at home.

"We're the next best thing to grandma," said John Tellez.

Then there is Del Rio Tortilla Factory. They crank out their homemade mix on a conveyor belt, then wrap them up by hand and wait for the crowds.

"(The) old family recipe that has never been changed at all," said Lisa Perez-Porter, daughter of the restaurant's owner.

Their processes may be a little different, but there is one common theme: all the tamales are very tasty and people will wait hours to get their handmade holiday tradition.


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