Clean-up crews move 45,000 pounds of flour after train accident

Train crashes into big rig at N. San Marcos, Culebra


SAN ANTONIO – Hollins Freight Handlers moved a load of 45,000 pounds of flour after a train crashed into the big rig that was carrying it.

A train crashed into a big rig that was carrying 45,000 pounds of flour. The truck was parked near the tracks at N. San Marcos and Culebra.

Hollins Freight Handlers is on-call for accidents like that when freight needs to be unpacked and moved quickly in order to re-open roadways.

"Usually it's an overturned 18-wheeler, but it's pretty much the same thing. We need to try to clean-up the accident in a timely manner, so commerce can continue," Leon Hollins said.

The flour and the truck were moved by about 7 a.m., seven hours after the crash.

Back in October Hollins had a crew at Highway 90 and I-37 when a big rig rolled over spilling tons of beans on the side of the highway.

They unloaded sacks of beans and put them on another truck.

"If the load was salvageable we would replace it where it could go to the original destination, but this load was basically condemned," Hollins said.

The flour was thrown-out, but the beans were spared.

No matter what the freight or where it's going, Hollins said the goal is to get it cleaned-up as soon as possible, because there are always drivers anxiously waiting for roads to re-open.

"We realize that rush hour's coming, and you know there's things that need to be done, so that's one thing that's important to us and to everyone else," Hollins said.