Teachers, students moving to new school


SAN ANTONIO – Two Northeast Independent School District elementary schools still need a little work before they are completed, but they are far enough along to be able to open their doors after the Christmas break.

Las Lomas and Vineyard Ranch will be ready to welcome hundreds of students on Jan. 7 when school is back in session.

The students have been attending different school building but acting as if they were at their own schools. 

Kindergarten through 4th-graders attending Las Lomas are going to Canyon Ridge, but in a separate part of the building. Soon, they will join their 5th- and 6th-graders in their new building.

For the last couple of weeks, teachers and students -- along with the help of some parents -- have been packing up and getting ready for the big move.

"We're taking all our science books," said Alton Glass, a 2nd-grader.

"Actually, it's been kind of a nice feeling to get everything packed up and cleaned out to start fresh at our new school," said Tammi Greenwood, a Kindergarten teacher.

The students and teachers are looking forward to the move for many reasons -- such as new technology. There will be new iPads and SmartBooks, not to mention fun stuff like a new cafeteria and library.

"We're really excited," said Halle Lerma-Bailey, a 3rd-grader.

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