Traffic stop leads to school lockdown in Marion

Suspected car thief escapes, triggers manhunt, school lockdown lockdown


MARION, Texas – When one of two suspects ran away after a Guadalupe County Sheriff's deputy stopped them driving a stolen car on Highway 78, officers quickly notified the Marion Independent School District.

Three schools in the area were immediately placed on lockdown since deputies were not sure whether the fleeing suspect was armed.

For a while, things were a little tense, according to the Guadalupe County Det. Wayne Lehman.

"Children were text messaging their parents and letting them know there was a lockdown," he said. "Then it turned into some things like, ‘Gosh, there are armed men running loose on campus.'"

But he said rapid communication with school district officials quickly put the rumors to rest.

"I think it went off really well. The communication was really good," said Marion ISD Superintendent Mario Sotelo.

He said the school board had just met Wednesday night and had discussed a school security preparedness package.

Sotelo said, "This incident gives them a better idea of how we can do in case of an emergency, regardless of what the emergency is."

The second suspect was captured without incident later Thursday morning and the lockdown was lifted.