Family of murder victim shocked to see suspect arrested

Relatives of Jose Zamora thought they might never see justice


SAN ANTONIO – For nearly two years the family of Jose Zamora waited for that one phone call. When SAPD detectives would tell them they had arrested someone for the 21-year-olds murder.

That call came Wednesday, when police arrested Gilbert Garcia. Zamora's girlfriend, Kristen Gonzalez, said she was shocked to finally see someone in handcuffs.

"It was like a rush through my body," she said. "All I would pray every night is for God to show who did it."

Jose Zamora was shot after an altercation inside the Mink Ultra Lounge in September of 2011, just a few months before he and Kristen were going to get engaged.

Police said 21-year-old Gilbert Garcia, an acquaintance of Zamora, was the shooter.

"An independent witness…was able to tell detectives that they saw the suspect shooting a firearm at the car that the victim was in," said SAPD spokesman Officer Matthew Porter. "He knew both the victim and the suspect, which is unique, and he saw that the victim had died on the news which prompted him to come to detectives."

During their two year wait for justice Zamora's family struggled to remain optimistic, finding strength in the pictures and mementos Jose left behind.

"At first I lost hope, but then I kept my faith up and I kept hoping and hoping and praying and finally my prayers came true," said Zamora's younger brother Ricardo.

Despite Garcia's arrest, Kristan Gonzalez still has questions.

"I want to know why," she said

Gonzalez will have to wait for an explanation, but she takes solace knowing that she may no longer have to wake up and wonder if this is the day someone will be brought to justice for her boyfriend's murder.

"It's like a crazy feeling, but it's a good feeling," she said. "I'm happy and I know he's probably happy."

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