Would-be burglar shot, killed in Canyon Lake

Suspect armed with baseball bat confronted by neighbor with a shotgun


A Comal county man was reportedly forced to shoot and kill a suspected burglar early Thursday morning at a trailer park near Canyon Lake.

The deadly confrontation happened just after 4 a.m. at Chapman's Park located in the 100 Block of Chapman Parkway.

According to the Comal County Sheriff's Office, the suspected burglar was armed with a bat when he was confronted by a resident.

"He said, 'What are you doing here?' and the guy said, 'It's none of your business,' and he started walking towards him with a baseball bat," said Walker Chapman, the owner of the mobile home park.

Chapman said his tenant had no choice but to shoot the intruder who was apparently trying to break into a neighbor's trailer.

The man heard the suspect breaking glass on a pickup truck parked in front of his neighbor's trailer. The man grabbed his shot gun and confronted the suspect.

"He told him, 'Don't come any closer.' He told him twice and the young man kept coming," Chapman said recounting the story. "Evidently, he kept cussing at him so the man shot him."

According to Chapman, the damaged truck belongs to the suspect's ex-girlfriend. He said the couple moved into one of his trailers last October but she threw him out in November after a series of fights.

The suspect reportedly continued to harass the woman over the phone and showed up to the trailer several times. The situation escalated last week.

"Last Thursday, he broke in a sliding glass door and broke in the bedroom she locked herself in and pulled a gun on her," Chapman said.

Chapman believes the young woman left the trailer after that incident because she was afraid.

He's thankful she wasn't home Thursday morning when the suspect returned and even more thankful her neighbor was armed.

"It's good that he had it," Chapman said. "There's no telling what could have happened had he not had a gun."

The Sheriff's office has not released the names of the suspect or the man who shot him. While it appears this will be a case of self-defense, detectives are investigating everything to make sure it was a justified shooting.

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