Woman: 'They are my grandkids and I didn't kidnap them!'

Elida Leal: Kids were taken due to misunderstanding


Three children are safe and back with their caregiver after an Amber Alert was issued Thursday night.

Somerset school district officials asked the Bexar County Sheriff's Department to issue an Amber Alert for three students after the legal caregiver raised concerns about the children.

Elida Leal said she got a call from the district on Thursday about her granddaughter being sick so she rushed to pick her up.

Leal said she also took her other two grandchildren.

"The other kids wanted to come, so I took them," said Leal. "I didn't kidnap them. They are my grandkids and I didn't kidnap them!"

Bexar County Sheriff's officials said they detained the adults in Leal's house after an Amber Alert was issued for her grandchildren.

"They threw my mom on the ground," said George Leal, Elida Leal's son. "I told them, 'Hey, she's 64. She can barely walk.'"

Maury Vasquez, a spokesman with the Somerset ISD, said the school did contact the grandmother because no one else would answer the phone after they went through the list of emergency contacts.

However, Vasquez said when the children's caregiver showed up, they said the three kids were not supposed to be with their grandmother.

"The district police officer had the grandmother on the phone seeking information and she didn't cooperate and hung up the phone," said Vasquez.

Vasquez said because the grandmother hung up and because the caregiver was concerned, the district asked the Bexar County Sheriff's Department to issue an amber alert.

In the end, no one was arrested and as of now, there is no court order keeping the grandmother from her grandchildren.

"In today's world, we completely understand about addresses changing, cell phone numbers changing," said Vasquez. "But, the school doesn't know who to contact unless given the updated information."

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