Judge: CPS can seek to end rights of dead child's parents

Parents of Josiah Williams accused of starving, beating him


A judge on Friday ruled that Child Protective Services can move forward in presenting its case for terminating the parental rights for the two siblings of a 5-year-old boy who died just after Christmas.

Crystal Williams, 27, and her husband, Charleston Williams, 25, are accused of starving and beating their son, Josiah, who was found dead in their home on Dec. 27.

Child Protective Services currently has custody of the couple's two other children and says they are still assessing the conditions those children dealt with.

"They have some issues, as well," said CPS spokeswoman Mary Walker. "They were not as horribly abused as the child who died, of course, but there are some issues we are having to deal with."

CPS is expected to begin presenting its case after the judge sets a trial date at a hearing in 60 days.